What Matters on Mane Street

Saint Leo University’s new social impact competition is a challenge to students, alumni, and employees to create innovative ideas and solutions that have powerful potential for social, environmental, or economic impact.
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Create a social post about a community problem or challenge that you care about and inspire others to help you make a difference. Creativity counts!

Utilize thoughtful and innovative video content to make an inspiring case for an idea that can solve a local or global issue that you care about. Ideal for social entrepreneurs-in-the-making!

Develop a compelling video that showcases your solution and its value proposition to a community challenge or problem that is already being addressed by you, your business, or organization. Perfect for alumni!

Highlight one of your university programs or design a new one that can address a community challenge. Articulate your program design and its distinct approach to making a positive social impact.

Highlight an existing class lesson or course curriculum, or develop a new one, that offers a compelling way to address a community or global issue. Provide an overview of the lesson or course design and its unique approach to creating positive social impact.